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Dead No Name Sushi Space, Now With No Trespassing

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Minor changes noted over the weekend by an Eater snoop at the No Name Sushi/Yokoso Nippon space that mysteriously shuttered in 2008. Following the new sign that appeared with NO NAME at the end of last year now there is also NO TRESPASSING. The snoop adds, "a business owner at the liquor store on the corner said he thinks they're almost done with construction since they've been working on it for a while. He said he didn't think it was no name sushi, but another sushi spot." The door warning's authenticator, Diane Yeramian doesn't have any known connection to Nippon and past commenters have weighed in that the former owners appear to be fully entrenched in Pacifica. So those rumors about No Name coming back appear to be untrue at the moment. Although something is coming -- and probably with sushi. Your intel in the comments.

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Nameless Sushi

314 Church Street, San Francisco, CA