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Chris Daly Says "Boycott the Buck" Push Is Great For Business

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Little did you know, there's a war raging between the Plumbers' Union and San Francisco supervisor-cum-bar owner Chris Daly, who conveniently now operates Buck Tavern just a hop skip and a jump down the street from the union hall for plumbers' union UA Local 38. For starters, Daly has promised "free Happy Hour pool for any rank and file Local 38 member that wants to challenge their union's leadership." And now he's prominently displayed union leader Larry P Mazzola's Buck Tavern boycott letter inside the bar. According to the Examiner, Daly thinks Mazzola’s boycott call is “so f---ing great." And his business partner Ted Strawser is going so far as to design t-shirts with "Boycott the Buck" on the front and the letter on the back. This goes right in the same category with Taco Bell's recent stunts in pushing the sell-through on tacos. And it should be just as effective.

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Chris Daly, baby kisser-cum-bar owner. [Photo: Fog City Journal/Luke Thomas]

Buck Tavern

1655 Market Street, San Francisco, CA

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