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Jeremy Fox OUT at Tyler Florence Restaurant Group

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As of this morning, it's splitsville for the odd couple that was Jeremy Fox and The Tyler Florence Restaurant Group. Just a little over a week ago, Fox declined to comment on his role with Ty-Flo and friends during our conversation about his upcoming book project and now the divorce is official. To put things into context, this news comes almost exactly one year after Fox left Ubuntu, six month's after his exodus from the Daniel Patterson Plum project, and four months after he announced his union with Ty-Flo. So it's been a bit of a tumultuous run for Fox and those who have crossed his path.

The two chefs have obvious differences that would potentially cause collaborative hiccups: Fox is a reclusive, artistic type and Ty-Flo is the ultimate extroverted charmer. And there's speculation that The Tyler Florence Restaurant Group wasn't too keen on Fox's aspirations to dive into an ambitious new project. Or maybe Fox decided he didn't want to divert his focus from the Yountville garden and book he's creating from the ground up with wine maker Ryan Hill and farmer Peter Jacobsen. Regardless, now he'll have all the time in the world to home in on Seed to Stalk and create one-off pop up dinners for the public all by himself, on his own time. The schedule on those, by the way, is still developing.

Meanwhile, back in Ty-Flo land, Fox's former sous chef Tyson Greenwood will move up to replace him at Rotisserie & Wine and the chef at still-unopened El Paseo in Mill Valley is now TBD.

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