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Bay Wolf Stays Put, Cooking With Leif Haiti Benefit, More!

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OAKLAND - Inside Scoop passes on more on the impending changes happening at Bay Area landmark Bay Wolf. As it turns out, chef-owner Michael Wild isn't going anywhere and has been approaching work with a renewed energy that has been great for business. So great, in fact, that he's decided to do few touch-ups on the design and stay open on Monday nights featuring "Michael’s Monday Night Kitchen and Noodle Bar." More on all that here. [ISSF]

THE UNDERGROUND - This Sunday Leif Hedendal is hosting a family-style feast with Haitian flavor at Station 40 (3030 B 16th Street). 100% of proceeds will go to Jacmel Working Group's Haiti projects. The meal will include live music and multimedia presentations about the projects and is priced on a sliding scale $30-$50 per person. RSVP to

WINE COUNTRY - Today Healdsburg's Spoonbar at the h2 hotel begins accepting citrus (blood oranges, Meyer lemons, clementines, etc.) from the public in exchange for dinning credit based on what they think the fruit is worth. So many wine country residents have overflowing trees at this point in the season that they thought it was a good idea. Interested parties can drop fruit with pastry chef Tosha Callahan from 10 a.m. to noon daily. Call ahead with questions. [EaterWire]

SWEET BEAT- Via Tasting Table we hear local favorite pastry chef Bill Corbett, who has worked at Michael Mina, Coi and currently at Absinthe and Arlequin, will be making the pastries for Comstock Saloon soon enough and also the as-yet-unopened Boxing Room. Busy guy. [Tasting Table]

Bay Wolf

3853 Piedmont Ave, Oakland, CA

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