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Bourbon & Branch Guys Talk About Their New 'Loin Spot

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Bourbon & Branch's Brian Sheehy shares more on the plan for his and Doug Dalton's Club 441 renovation to take place in the coming months. To begin with, they should be getting the keys next week. Then they'll start moving toward a "fun dive bar" with "good cocktails" (of course), but the process shall be an organic one: "We will operate the space in its current incarnation for a few months so that we can 'live' in the space in order to determine the optimal layout for the future concept. Eventually it will be closed for renovation and re-introduced as an American cocktail bar."

Once things are set in stone over the next few months, Sheehy and Dalton will announce the finalized concept. But for now, lets start thinking about a gentrified Tenderloin bar crawl and this whole Tenderloin nouveau thing.

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441 Club, slated to become another dive bar, but "fun". [Photo: Flickr/Eric Wilson]

Future Brian Sheehy/Doug Dalton Bar

441 Jones Street, San Francisco, CA

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