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Inside The Newly Nipped and Tucked Rose Pistola

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This should give a sense of the new color scheme.
This should give a sense of the new color scheme.

Once architect Cass Calder Smith -- whose work you may recognize from Barbacco, Plant Cafe and a hearty handful of other Bay Area restaurants -- got his hands on Rose Pistola, the communal tables were soon to follow. The North Beach staple reopened last night after a 15-day shutter for a remodel, but now regulars who alight at the new high-tops will notice far more than the closer proximity of their neighbor's elbow. The new interior color scheme warms things up with gray, dark burgundy and brown, the vintage floors have been refurbished and a strand of modern light fixtures glows at the bar.

Meanwhile Mark Gordon, well-known for his menus at Terzo and Rose’s Café has tweaked the food side of things a bit. He's put better ingredients into the (Ligurian?) classic go-tos like chopped salad and fritto misto, expanded the sandwich selection and added some apps and daily specials. Take a look at the new menu here and a trip through the interior above. Does all this warrant a Bauer revisit since he demoted the restaurant to two stars in 2008?

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