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Greenburger Grows in the Haight, Sneaky's Soft Launch, More!

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LOWER HAIGHT - Finally we get more on the "young couple" moving into the Bistro St. Germain space on Haight Street. It's going to be Greenburger's, where owners Matthew Nudelman and his wife Stefanie Greenberg Nudelman plan to riff on Matt's favorites from his hometown of Buffalo, NY. Do they eat buffalo in buffalo? Regardless, they'll “use sustainably-sourced, local products" so people will at least be open to trying whatever they serve. [Haighteration]

MID-MARKET - The aforementioned Sneaky's BBQ soft-launch on February 28th in conjunction with Rebel will now be happening this coming Monday with a little pre-party from 3 p.m. to 9 p.m. Rebel will stay open until 2 a.m. and then both the bar and the bbq will go into hiding again until the 28th. From then on, bbq will be available for dinner nightly, except for weekends, when it's on all day. Take-out and delivery will also be offered to anyone within a 1.5 mile radius during business hours. [EaterWire]

MID-MARKET EXTRA -- We're not even going to make a joke about pizza being everywhere because even those are old at this point. The Orbit Room has added a pizza oven. Act accordingly. [7x7]

NOB HILL - BunRab writes a poem about the Fairmont's new Lifestyle Cuisine Plus, a food program highlighting vegan, raw, and healthy menus. To this end, the hotel now boasts a rooftop beehive and herb garden. And if you'll recall, they're not the only one with an urban bee swarm. Now is it two or three that makes a trend? [BunRab]

BAZ FEVER - America isn't the only one that loves David Bazirgan. He even had Bauer at uni flan: "an amazingly complex dish that belies its very simple presentation. Dig below the Dungeness crab fondue and you expose a warm custard that tastes like a fresh sea breeze smells; it’s all fortified with a little saffron, kaffir lime and a surprise tingle of Sichuan peppers." And there is nothing like that good fresh-sea-breeze-smell taste. [ISSF]


518 Haight St., San Francisco, CA

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