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Week in Reviews

Kam%27s.jpgKam’s Restaurant in the Outer Richmond has a new chef, Yip Fung formerly of R & G Lounge. And the Unterminable is on the case. She finds the best things on the specials menu. Fung "has a way with glass noodles" as in the "6-inch-long surf clam shell piled with steamed clam and glass of the most dramatic looking dishes at Kam’s." Owner Kathy Wong is also a coffee and tea aficionado, while her partner Sarah Chu nails it in the "Asian-style" dessert department. "Combine these treats with chef Fung’s South Chinese cooking and its eclectic Hong Kong overtones, and Kam’s is just the kind of coffee shop where you’ll find me hanging out — without an iPad." Take it asa hint. [Examiner]

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