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Obama Follows Woodside Biz Dinner With Zeitgeist Beer?

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What we know about POTUS in San Francisco: he landed at SFO at 5:40 p.m. last night, whizzed off to a 6:45 p.m. private dinner with tech moguls from Twitter, Google, Facebook, Yahoo, etc. at Slicon Valley venture capitalist John Doerr's house; the Chron says there were locals "waving and cheering encouragement" along the way, although it looks like crazies picketing to us. Dinner lasted about 2 hours. So he could've actually made it to Zeitgeist for a cold one at just about the time the first "Barack Obama at San Francisco's Zeitgeist." tweet broke. But that picture circulating? It's three years old! A true Twitter hoax! Alas, Obama's not quite the hipster many hoped he was. And on second glance, does that really look like a Zeitgeist crowd in the background, there? Yeah, no.

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