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Fat Cookie Busted For Nefarious Cookie Deeds and More

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THE MISSION - It was only a matter of time before the fuzz caught up with the young ladies cum cookie danglers behind Fat Cookies. SFoodie passes on news that the windowsill entrepreneurs were unceremoniously busted and forced to go into hiding. Allegedly, however, they may return. [SFoodie]

THE MISSION EXTRA - "The people of Dolores Park" will be having a winter wine mixer this Thursday. It will be "causal and friendly" so nothing like the Dolores Park ugliness that went down last Fall. [Mission Mission]

CHEF SHUFFLES - Matt Kerly, who has worked at Zinnia, Slow Club and Magnolia, has just stepped up to the plate as executive chef at Radius (1123 Folsom Street). Look out for his new menu items in the coming weeks. [ISSF]

SOMA - As per the hard-working folk of SFoodie, the shuttered Sohbert's cafe (144 King Street) will become a private event space and then a beer and wine bar called Caviar Docks. [SFoodie]

[Photo: Laughing Squid]

Fat Cookie

Mission Dolores Park, San Francisco, CA

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