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Peanut-Shaped "Urban Revitalization" Grove Headed for SF

Can you find Mr. Peanut in the park?
Can you find Mr. Peanut in the park?

Come July there will be a peanut-shaped "grove" somewhere in San Francisco. "Part urban revitalization, part art," the 100 x 100 foot mini-park will be designed by renowned landscape artist Ken Smith as part of Planters Peanuts' new holistic marketing effort to promote sustainability and community revitalization. A statue of Mr. Peanut will be seated somewhere in the park along with other TBD elements intended to provide "local flavor." Planters is currently working with the San Francisco Conservation Corps who will help determine where the park will go and will then help plant and maintain it this summer. There will also be a Planters Nutmobile trolling the city and powered by biodiesal, the sun, wind and peanut oil.

What does it have to do with peanuts? Well, we have no idea. But a Planters rep we spoke with this morning says the campaign will help communicate what Mr. Peanut has always been about: sustainability, not being a peanut-shaped mascot who wants you to eat Planters Peanuts as you may have assumed.

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