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Jeremy Fox Announces Personal Book And Pop-Up Dinners

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The mysterious Jeremy Fox, who's most recently earned media attention as the creative director of The Tyler Florence Restaurant Group, is ready to talk about the big project he's had in the works for a long time: a new tome called Seed to Stalk: A Modern Culinary Handbook from Phaidon, the same folks who published Rene Redzepi's highly anticipated cookbook. But don't call Fox's project a cookbook. He says the book will include recipes, but there will be lots of writing, "amazing pictures," outlines of composed dishes and much more that will develop throughout the organic process of writing it over the next year or so. The book will take everything we know about the wine term terroir and apply it to vegetables. To help him dive deeper into this writing and growing process, Fox is currently nurturing a new garden -- The Hill Family Garden -- with Ryan Hill of Hill Family Estate Winery and Peter Jacobsen, the farmer who provides vegetables to The French Laundry a.k.a. "one of the most inspirational people I know" to Fox.

Naturally, he needs a forum to experiment and test out the flavors and tastes that grow from the garden. To that end, Fox will throw one-off pop-up dinners throughout the coming year, instrumental in the writing of Seed to Stalk. As he's done at past pop-ups, Fox will interact with the guests, encourage them to suggest music and treat them with an environment that's "not just 'excuse me sir, can I take your order,'" and "doesn't necessarily fall into the trappings of luxury." He's still exploring venue options and as far as the date of the first event goes, well, that depends on Mother Nature, but he wants to do it "soon." When the Hill Family Farm starts turning out some exciting crops, Fox and his cohorts will begin the creative process behind the first dinner and announce a date. As such, updates from Fox and us will be organic. So do check back.

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Jeremy Fox in the garden. [Photo: NRN Food writer]

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