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Grand Prix Now Brewing Blue Bottle in Union Square, More!

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UNION SQUARE - The Grand Prix coffee pop-up we teased out a bit ago is now open from 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. inside Azul on Tillman Place. The baristas are serving Blue Bottle coffee here, including a proprietary Macau iced coffee made with espresso. They are also working on installing an espresso bar that will be ready around April. Look out for a freebie from these guys on Eater tomorrow. [EaterWire]

FIRST WORD - Alberto Avalle and Claudio Ricciolini, owners of 54 Mint Italian restaurant and alimentari on Mint Plaza, are planning to open something called 54 Mint Rosticceria and Formaggi at #4 in the Ygnacio Valley Shopping Center. In Italian, "rosticceria" means rotisserie and "formaggi" means cheeses. So those are some big clues. [EaterWire]

MENU REVEALS - 'Wichcraft in Union Square has this new seasonal lunch menu, including seven new sandwiches and six new salads. Also Hayes Valley's Arlequin has come out with an updated menu from Absinthe chef Adam Keough and pastry chef Bill Corbett, including a meatball sub, a Reuben and seasonal things like Meyer lemon Thai basil bars for dessert. [EaterWire]

CHEF SHUFFLES - After all that excitement about Daddy O's, GrubStreet has word that the chef has been laid off and the future here is looking uncertain. [GrubStreet]

THE UN-SHUTTER - This doesn't happen often, but it turns out the owners of QBar have bought the shuttered Edge bar in the Castro and will remodel it and reopen it as Edge in time for the bar’s 20th anniversary in May. [Tablehopper]

Grand Prix @ Azul Lounge

1 Tillman Place, San Francisco, CA

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