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Fillmore Street Restaurant Ban May Be Lifted This Spring

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The Chron recently came out with an important read about Pacific Heights' long-standing ban on restaurants going into Fillmore Street's non-restaurant spaces. Other hoods like Noe Valley, Haight Street and Union Street have suffered similar moratoriums, but many of these restrictions have been eased, as in the case of Castro Street late last year. Now Supervisor Mark Farrell is pushing to lighten the barriers to entry on Fillmore Street. Not surprisingly, the Golden Gate Restaurant Association has openly supported the move, as has the Fillmore Street Merchants Association, which says there's a demand for more restaurants in the area.

So how likely is Farrel's success and when could we possibly see changes on Fillmore Street? Remember the Supes recently made it easier on food trucks as well, so the momentum is likely to move in favor of the new legislation on Fillmore. According to Ferrel's Legislative Aide Margaux Kelly the measure will "most likely go before the Land Use Committee 3/7 and if everything goes according to plan it will be in effect end of April 2011."

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