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Grocery Outlet Battles Fresh & Easy For Shuttered DeLano's

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By now we're all well aware of British grocery chain Fresh & Easy's grand plot to take over the Bay Area grocery scene: it's forthcoming Bayview and Richmond locations, rumored bids on all six shuttered DeLano's locations, etc. Well today Mission Mission brings news from the supermarket industry underbelly that Grocery Outlet "bargain market" is giving Fresh & Easy a run for its money at this particular DeLano's in the Mission. An anonymous, yet trusted Eater tipster has confirmed there is indeed a bidding war going on between the two companies in question:

"Grocery Outlet has made it very clear that they want in on SF's grocery market. However, Fresh & Easy is winning the bidding war, and it looks like they'll be signing a lease for the South Van Ness spot within two weeks. However, the United Food and Workers Union is all up in arms about it, and even met with Supe Campos to talk about it. They will protest."

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Grocery war takes hold at shuttered DeLano's. [Photo: Mission Mission]

Grocery War Ground Zero

1245 S Van Ness Ave, San Francisco, CA

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