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The Birthday Bong At Cyrus Is A Thing

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BirthdayBong.jpgSearch for the words "Cyrus" and "bong" right now on Twitter and -- besides the TMZ video of Miley Cyrus taking a bong hit on her birthday -- you'll find a few results about the celebratory dessert bong at Cyrus in Healdsburg. Our beloved anonymous Michelin Guide critic(s) started it with a tweet a few days ago, but there's really nothing much to make a fuss about because Bauer was so all over this four years ago. Still, it doesn't look like he liked it, which, well, what's not to love about the Cyrus team's inspired dessert contraption that looks like drug paraphernalia? And it blows chocolate confetti around birthday cookies like a snow globe? And the cookies come with Brooklyn egg cream shots? Even. Better. [@MichelinGuideSF, GrubStreet, ISSF, earlier]