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Bourbon & Branch Offshoot, Drink Tiger Blood, More!

WINNING - According to The Feast, Tiger Blood is on sale in the East Bay. Yep. If you have one of those things that block Charlie Sheen from your internet, you will probably not read this. Also, where do I get that?? Anyway, Tiger Blood tastes just like fruit punch, cocaine, a psychotic break, and your wife's tears. I'll take three! [The Feast]

TENDERLOIN - The Bourbon & Branch folks are opening another bar, and the name is much more awesome. Or, much more WINNING, as it were. Mr. Lew's Win-Win Bar & Grand Sazerac Emporium (441 Jones Street) and SFist has the scoop. [SFist]

FILLMORE - Nan Korean Dining Bar is going into the old Heung Bu Nae space at Fillmore and Geary. According to Grubstreet, the liquor license has already come through, so this should move along pretty quickly. Woo! [Grubstreet]

PIEROGI PARTY! - Yes, it's happening. Also, lots of other delicious looking shiz at Saturday's New Taste Marketplace. Slip on your eating pants and let's get down to business. [MissionMission]

Mr. Lew's Win-Win Bar & Grand Sazerac Emporium

441 Jones Street, San Francisco, CA

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