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Cinque Terre Cafe in Pac Heights, Source in Potrero, More!

Behold your Friday opening recap. As always, the tip jar awaits additions and early thoughts.

Source. [Photo: Naseema Khan]

1) Potrero Hill: Source opened on Wednesday, and looks to be totally insane, but possibly delicious. We have an inside peek at this (charmingly?) colorful vegetarian joint, which includes what may be world's first gas-fired Mugnaini brick oven surrounded by a dragon mouth. No, for real. The Smashed Potato Pizza looks to be my jam, so I expect they'll be seeing my fat-ass skulking around soon enough. [EaterWire]

2) Uptown Oakland: Bar Dogwood opens in Oakland, and they've got a secret handshake deal on Industry Night. For people in the Industry. If you have to ask, you don't know so just forget it. Oh! Remember when Bourbon & Branch opened and everyone freaked out over the password thing and we all pretended we were like New York, only less ambitious and uglier? I do! Anyway, Bar Dogwood has food and drinks, and might be a nice place to grab a bite before a show at the Fox. And you should go to a show at the Fox, because it is rad. [GrubStreet]

3) The Richmond: Jersey's on 6th is a new sandwich place that serves exactly the kind of sandwiches you expect. Heavy on the meat, and two veg selections. If I eat another portabella mushroom burger, I'm gonna cry a thousand tears. Anyway, check it out! [GrubStreet]

4) Pacific Heights: Cinque Terre Cafe just opened on Van Ness, and they're serving typical cafe food like salads and paninis. Boooring. However, their large selection of European candy and chocolate bars sounds mighty fine. Tablehopper describes the decor as "eclectic" and "fun," which means it's either eclectic and fun or crazy and tacky. Maybe both! [TableHopper]


1 Division Street, San Francisco, CA

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