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Kauffman Has His (Citizen) Cake & Eats It Too; Unterman Schools us on St. Patty's Day at the Irish Bank; More!

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Mr. Jonathan Kauffman loves Citizen Cake's desserts (we should hope so, "cake" is in the damn name) but finds everything else kinda boing. I honestly had no clue they served anything BUT desserts, so maybe it's not that big of a deal? He also calls Elizabeth Falkner an "icon." Ooh la la! [SF Weekly]

Allen Matthews dishes out 2 stars to Mint Plaza's Thermidor. The six-month old restaurant still has some growing pains to suffer through, but it's showing promise. Chef Bruce Binn says even though the decor is psychedelic 60's, he plans on updating the menu to make it marvelous modern. Can you dig it!? [Chron]

Unterman visits The Irish Bank and St. Patty's Day explodes all over her face. She's feeling the food, which is typical Irish-American done (mostly) right. Oh, and I learned something: "Even better is corned beef and cabbage ($12.95), a mystery to the Irish, who eat boiled bacon or smoked pork shoulder with their cabbage. Corned beef comes in cans in Ireland." The more you know! [SF Examiner]

Reidinger (best last name ever, btw) re-visited Limon, and finds it splendid as ever. He advises you bring a group because the dishes are, "eminently shareable." Read: a million small plates. All in all, another humdinger from Reidinger! [SFBG]


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Citizen Cake

2125 Fillmore Street, San Francisco, CA