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Monroe Brings Its Glam-Deco Touch To Broadway Tomorrow

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Arvin Matthew and Nader Marvi have ambitiously reinvented former den of iniquity Dragon Bar into their new "upscale, yet casual after work experience" Monroe. According to their publicist, it opens for business tomorrow on Broadway in North Beach. Remember we brought you all the renderings early this year. Designer Charles Doell -- who has won lots of important design awards for his work, including Gitane in Union Square -- calls Monroe "a spoonful of 70’s glam, a pinch of 80’s deco, a touch of 60’s modern and some 19th century imagery to keep the space slightly off-kilter, and always intriguing."

Hopefully it will intrigue the right crowd. In addition to the complete gutting and remodel of the space, the owners have brought in the hand-crafted seasonal cocktails, the wines on tap and the small plates with a very clear goal in mind: to draw the FiDi workers, not the usual Broadway riff raff. Are a luminescent green bar and blood orange martinis enough to scare away the foaming, bar-top-dancing hoards that nail shot, after shot, after shot? We shall see.

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473 Broadway, San Francisco, CA

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