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Bon Appétit Says "The Future Of Bay Area Dining Has Arrived"

A feature in the April issue of Bon Appétit tears the band-aid off the old fig-gate wound again and says we've retaliated over the past year with "the greatest explosion of San Francisco restaurant openings in modern memory." After making the very clever observation that "the future of Bay Area fine dining has arrived" and the very New York move of calling us "San Fran" in the title, they call out the hallmarks of said "future": Commonwealth, Saison, Bar Agricole, Sons & Daughters, Heirloom Cafe, Prospect, Wayfare Tavern, Cotogna and Benu. It's a damn good list and, yes, none of these spots are particularly fig-friendly, but we'll hedge they've all got the attention to ingredients and sourcing that was emblematic of San Francisco long before David Chang's now famous rant.

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Prospect Restaurant

300 Spear Street, San Francisco, CA 94105 415 247 7770 Visit Website


490 Pacific Avenue, , CA 94133 (415) 775-8508 Visit Website

Sons & Daughters

Powell Street, , CA 94108 (415) 994-7933 Visit Website


22 Hawthorne Street, , CA 94105 (415) 685-4860 Visit Website

Wayfare Tavern

558 Sacramento Street, , CA 94111 (415) 772-9060 Visit Website


2882 Telegraph Avenue, , CA 94609 (510) 663-3001 Visit Website

Bar Agricole

1540 Mission Street, , CA 94103 (415) 341-0101 Visit Website


178 Townsend Street, , CA 94107 (415) 828-7990 Visit Website