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Visiting the Bourbon & Branch Guys' Temporary 'Loin Bar

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Since we broke the news about the Bourbon & Branch team's new dive bar with decent drinks at 441 Jones, SFist got wind of a temporary name for the joint: Mr. Lew's Win Win bar and Grand Sazerac Emporium and Signore Lucchesi shed more light on the meaning behind the moniker. Today, we learn that some non-industry folk have started to patronize Mr. Lew's, like the writer of TenderBlog and these Yelpers.

Inside, there are $7 cocktails in the style of Bourbon and Branch and none of the patrons that frequented the bar's much divier predecessor, 441 Club; "but at the same time, it is not awash in striped-shirts spouting all things douche-tastic." Tenderblog adds that the current deal will last anywhere from a few weeks to a few months before the Mr. Lew's closes to revamp and re-open with a new name. (So does that make this a pop-up bar?) UrbanDaddy, Thrillist and Daily Candy haven't written about it yet (they're waiting for the full re-brand, no doubt); so now's a relatively mellow time to go have some relatively delicious beverages. Got more early reports? Put them in the comments.

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Inside Mr. Lew's. [Photo: Tenderblog]

Mr. Lew's Win-Win bar and Grand Sazerac Emporium

441 Jones Street, San Francisco, CA

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