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More on Wilson a.k.a. Wilson & Wilson @ Bourbon & Branch

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Since UrbanDaddy broke out with news about The Wilson (not to be confused with the Bourbon & Branch owners' other current project), more details have filtered in, which is good because the thing was sounding way too secretive! Besides the previously mentioned high level of patron-bartender interaction and fixed price cocktail menu, Alcademics passes on more on the location: "a locked interior room near one of the bathrooms" at Bourbon & Branch. Inside you can order three drinks for $30 from a fixed price menu, but you can also order a la carte for $12 or get punch served out of a teapot for $40, similar to what's served at sister bar, Rickhouse.

Grubstreet mentions the official opening is actually this Friday and—we didn't think this was possible, but—the atmosphere is "even more haute" with a "better class of booze" than Bourbon & Branch. The name on the website has also changed to Wilson & Wison, but you can call it The Wilson too if you want.

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[Photo: Alcademics]

505 Jones Street, San Francisco, CA

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