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Berkeley Bowlers Firm on Anti-Union Stance, Bibimbap, More!

Berkeley Bowl.
Berkeley Bowl.
Photo: Eater SF Flickr Pool/wickedfreshie

BERKELEY - Remember a bone of contention or three between the workers at Berkeley Bowl and the management prompted a re-do on the to-unionize or not-to-unionize vote. As it turns out, Berkeley Bowl workers decided to opt out of the union yet again, although Inside Scoop notes it came by a "slim margin." No doubt there's still lots of grumbling over there. [ISSF]

COMPLAINTS DEPT. - Heh. Someone has something to say to the person filing noise complaints on Slim's. [SF Weekly]

DALY CITY - Korean Bibimbap is a bit hard to come by in these parts. If you'll travel for food, Tasting Table says Daly City's Kukje Supermarket has a great rendition. Anyone tried the stuff? Tell us about it. [Tasting Table]

EL CAMINO REAL - The best eats of the lengthy El Camino Real, demystified. [The Feast]

[Photo: Central Berkeley - Home Girl ]

Berkeley Bowl

920 Heinz Avenue, Berkeley, CA

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