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Café Gratitude Changes Menu, Keeps Weird Naming Behavior

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Next month, vegan/raw cult pioneer Café Gratitude will debut revamped menus at all seven locations (San Francisco, Oakland, Cupertino, Healdsburg, San Rafael, Berkeley, Los Angeles). Founded in 2004 by raw fanatics Matthew and Terces Engelhart, the cafe has done well for itself naming dishes in a self-helpy way (a raw Caeser salad is "I am dazzling," for example) and using questionably self-helpy managerial tactics. Worry not, as none of that will change. The new menu, however, will include raw spins on traditional comfort foods and reduced prices across the board. Sample additions from executive chef Dreux Ellis and director of operations Chandra Gilbert include...

a "much anticipated" BLT sandwich with savory toasted maple coconut flakes, polenta alla puttanesca, “I am Nourished,” a raw sprouted almond pate and apply curry wrap and “I am Comforted,” live Mac and Cheese. There's also “I am Nurtured,” an ice cream sundae with raw chocolate sauce, macadamia caramel sauce, whipped coconut meringue and cacao nibs. The new menus will go into effect on April 11.

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Cafe Gratitude

2400 Harrison St, San Francisco, CA