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Did Ben & Jerry's Rip Off Humphry Slocombe's Flavor?

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Ben & Jerry's has a new Jimmy Fallon ice cream flavor with vanilla bean ice cream, a salty caramel swirl and fudge-covered potato chip clusters. Sounds like the stuff of dreams, or Humphry Slocombe, for that matter. Our local Mission ice cream shop's owner Jake Godby tweeted a reminder last night that the "new" Ben & Jerry's flavor, called "Late Night Snack" bears a remarkable likeness to the "After School Special" ice cream flavor -- chocolate-covered Ridge potato chips swirled with caramel in Tahitian Vanilla -- he created exclusively for Spork restaurant in the Mission over two years ago. Bruce Binn, chef-owner of Spork fondly remembers collaborating with Godby, who frequented his then new restaurant just as he was getting Humphrey Slocombe off the ground. He adds, "No one knows how Ben & Jerry's comes up with its flavors. We've all been there in college, pouring milk on Fritos to see what happens." But Godby is taking this as a direct hit:

"It's flattering when people look at your work and want to use it as a point of reference. It's altogether a different matter though when it is a corporation taking the work of a small neighborhood ice cream shop and simply duplicating it on mass scale with no credit.


Eater National, who has reached out to Jimmy Fallon for comment, has further investigation.

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