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Aziza Packing Up And Moving To Jackson Square Zinnia Space

Aziza chef-owner Mourad Lahlou finalized a deal this morning to move his beloved, Michelin-star-winning Moroccan restaurant from the Outer Richmond to Jackson the space that was Scott Howard, 500 Jackson and Zinnia, to be precise. The move very much resembles Michael Tusk's relocation of Quince from the fringe of Pac Heights to Jackson Square, and will certainly put Aziza in a more accessible, centralized spot "on the map," as it were. Lahlou will bring chef de cuisine Louis Maldonado, award-winning pastry chef Melissa Chou and company with him to the new digs.

The designer who did Moss Room, Charles Phan's restaurants and Presidio Social Club will recreate the space and -- in light of this -- attempt to un-curse the location as much as possible by performing such feats as moving the entrance way and address from 500 Jackson Street to 801 Mongomery. If anyone can work this kind of magic, it's certainly the solidly adored Aziza. And as Inside Scoop reports, Lahlou may even keep his current location on Geary and turn it into a more casual, everyday version of Aziza, which we would be ever-so-eager to try out if he decides to do it. Construction on Aziza's part deux will begin in the next two months. Rest assured, the current location will remain open for as long as possible in the meantime.

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