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What's Going On At Ti Couz and Its New "Cider Bar"?

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Back in February, Ti Couz surrendered its liquor license and we got a note over the EaterWire bemoaning the loss of bloody Marys at the popular French creperie. A call to the restaurant revealed it's all part of a master plan to "go back to their roots" in Brittany, where "very little alcohol" is consumed. So they've abandoned the signature cocktail menu and will "officially become a cider bar," serving beer, wine and hard cider only. Then there's the rather telling treatise owner Sylvie Le Mer filed last year, admitting Ti Couz sales have decreased to "a critical point," and she would be cutting staff and daily specials, which required more expensive ingredients. Reading Le Mer's plea does pull on the heartstrings, but now there are disgruntled Yelp reports of "supermarket-grade goat cheese" and attempts to charge a $3 cover for a "dirty hippie play[ing] Disney songs" and maybe there was even some physical violence (?). Well it doesn't exactly paint a pretty picture. So we're turning this over to the Ti Couz regulars. Have you noticed big changes of late? Are we digging this new cider bar direction? Your thought in the comments, s'il vous plaît.

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[Photo: Yelp/Matthias Z.]

Ti Couz

3108 16th St, San Francisco, CA