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Chez TJ Gets a New Chef, Three Twins Beer Ice Cream, More!

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LOWER HAIGHT - In honor of the Haighteration blog's one year anniversary, they've organized all sorts of deals and discounts with over 40 businesses in the Lower Haight to go down on Tuesday (3/15). We'll see you at the sneak peek of Greenburger's after a scoop of Haighteration's Pliny the Elder beer flavored ice cream at Three Twins. [Haighteration]

QUOTE OF THE DAY - "It was not something I'd do again. There was no bathroom, it rained all day on Saturday, there were 40 mile gusts of wind and 10th and Stevenson isn't exactly a great place to hang out all weekend." -- Off the Grid's Matt Cohen on his experience camping outside the Department of Public Works to apply for the new reduced-price $3000.00 food truck permits. [EaterWire]

CHEF SHUFFLES - Inside Scoop just passed news of the next brave man to step up to the plate as executive chef at Chez TJ. It shall be 25-year-old Joey Elenterio, who was the former sous chef under Scott Nishiyama. Remember, Nishiyama departed just a little over a year after he walked into the aftermath of the Bruno Chemel shitshow. [ISSF]

SOMA - Elizabeth Falkner is getting ready for a special Wednesday night booze dinner at Orson, inspired by her last trip to Spain. Find the full $45 four course menu and a link for reservations here. [EaterWire]

THE EMBARCADERO - Liam Mayclem of Eye on the Bay and the newly launched Foodie Chap will be joining chef Russell Jackson in the kitchen at Lafitte for a special St. Patrick's Day dinner. Five courses will include such "rips on traditional British and Irish cuisine" as roasted joint with Yorkshire pudding and "Neo-British-style fish n' chips," with booze pairings including an Irish moonshine cocktail. Tickets here. [EaterWire]

Three Twins. [Photo: Haighteration]


436 The Embarcadero, San Francisco, CA 94105

Three Twins

254 Fillmore Street, San Francisco, CA

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