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Cannabis Olive Oil, Maverick PB & Foie, Limon Chicha Morada, More!

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THE MISSION - The Castillo brothers at Limon have a secret-until-now stash of Inca Blu chicha morada, made from purple corn, pineapples, apples, cinnamon, a touch of sugar, and lime juice. It's all the rage in Peru, so get with it. [Hidden Menu]

THE MISSION EXTRA - Maverick's new chef Matt Brimer just hit his six month mark with the restaurant and has put a foie gras dish with peanut butter and bacon on the menu. [ISSF]

COMING ATTRACTIONS - Our local branch of the Small Business Development Center is holding a restaurant marketing panel on Monday night (3/14) with Paolo Lucchesi of the San Francisco Chronicle, Kevin Blum of SF City Dish, Nate Pollack of The American Grilled Cheese Kitchen and Jared Rivera of Rivera Public Relations. It starts at 2:30 in the afternoon and costs $30. Learn more here, or just skip right to registration. [EaterWire]

MEDICAL MARIJUANA WIRE - SFoodie reports that we're moving further and further from edible cannabis products riddled with difficult-to-swallow (for some) hunks of bud. They've provided a handy round-up of the latest ultra-refined treats such as infused olive oils, candied ginger flavored dark chocolates and imperial spiced rice crackers, all of them, of course with a healthy dose of THC. [SFoodie]

WINE COUNTRY - Wine expert Leslie Sbrocco will host a wine on tap educational seminar with El Dorado Corner Café in Sonoma on Thursday, March 31st from 6pm – 7pm. Find more info and tickets here. [EaterWire]

Limon Rotisserie. [Photo: FoodFashionista]


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