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Inside Source, SF's First "Multi-Dimensional" Vegetarian Spot

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Source prepares to open at 5 p.m. today.
Source prepares to open at 5 p.m. today.

[Photo: Naseema Khan]

You asked, and we've got it for you. The interior slideshow of Mitchell and Andrew Fox's Source multi-dimensional vegan- and vegetarian-friendly restaurant, opening today for business in Potrero at 5 p.m. Unlike some other similar restaurants that shall remain nameless, the brothers Fox think of this as an "energetic spa" of sorts, where the aim is to make everyone feel comfortable. "Even people coming from McDonald's," says Fox. We've passed on a lot of the big details on this newcomer, but there's still more to tell. In addition to this menu here, Source will offer a fermented kombucha look-alike called jun that's high in enzymes and B vitamins; the aforementioned elixirs encompass calming, energetic and euphoric options. All pizzas are made with housemade mozzarella and can be made vegan with raw cashew cheese.

Yogi tones has developed the sound therapy to create a "healing, peaceful and uplifting" mood. Interestingly the brothers come from a family of butchers in the Bronx, NY and Mitchell was once a backstage caterer at Radio City Music Hall where he had the rare pleasure of working Bill Clinton's 50th birthday party. So yes, lots to talk about. If you head in soon, do drop your early insights here or below in the comments.

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