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Nate Appleman's Mystery Chorizo

ApplemanBurrito.jpgSlice visits 2007 James Beard Rising Star Chef Nate Appleman in his new digs at the Chipotle in Chelsea, New York. Here there are Patron margaritas, made-from-scratch burritos and Appleman, working the line daily to test products for potential national roll-out. He sells Slice on "what the chain is doing can change the foodscape for the better." But he's still unwilling to reveal where the beef comes from or what's in the special chorizo, for that matter: "'Uh... it's... it's pork,' he responded cagily." If we know Nate (And we do.), it's riddled with pig head and other "whole animal" parts; and America's not ready to know about that. How does it taste? Slice says, "fantastic." [Slice]