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Morimoto Cameo on CBS' Hawaii Five-0 Tonight

Iron Cheffer and Morimoto Napa owner Masaharu Morimoto will be making a cameo tonight on CBS’ Hawaii Five-O, of all things. His publicist tells us the scene begins at Morimoto Waikiki where series characters Steve McGarrett and Danno Williams walk in on him while he's singing karaoke to ask for help with their investigation. Although there's no karaoke at Morimoto in real life, the man does love him some impromptu karaoke. Apparently he can carry a tune quite nicely as well. If you happen to be in Waikiki, there's a viewing party at the restaurant tonight. And if you miss the ep, we hear Morimoto will host a sushi and karaoke late-night party this year at the New York Wine & Food Festival coming up in October. He hosted something to this effect at last year's event and none of his fellow Napa chefs would join him on stage. Come on guys, maybe this year?

[Photo: Eater National]