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Eagle Tavern Defenders Plan "Surprise Leather Night" Protest

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Those committed to saving 30-year-old gay bar fixture The Eagle Tavern came up with a few things at that community meeting last night. According to GrubStreet, one of the more vocal Eagle supporters (known affectionately as Ana Conda) led a march last night into the rumored new tenant's "straight bar" in the Mission, Skylark.

Tomorrow night, the protest continues with a "surprise leather night" at Skylark beginning at 8 p.m. Here's Ana Conda on video for further explanation regarding the appropriate attire, etc. As you can see the Eagle Tavern cause has a lot of steam behind it and purportedly has a good deal of political backing as well, but GrubStreet astutely notes there's no clear way for the Supervisors to prevent the Eagle's landlord from doing what he wants to do.

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Skylark. [Photo: Globalzona]


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