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The Soup Nazi, Organic Baby Food, "Safe" Desserts, More!

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FISH WHARF - Al Yeganeh, the guy who inspired Seinfeld's soup Nazi, will open his first The Original Soupman on the West Coast in San Francisco. The outpost will open in late May, with all the usual suspects: jambalaya, lobster bisque, mulligatawny and the local addition of cioppino. Peep the website to see how Yeganeh has taken the "no soup for you!" punchline, and run with it. Inside Scoop has some worthy Seinfield clips too. [ISSF]

BERNAL HEIGHTS- Big Dipper Baby Food will be opening at the 331 Cortland marketplace in late May. The business is run by a local mom, Claire Hoyt, providing fresh, organic baby food daily. We imagine it'll be cheaper than Tyler Florence's baby food, but maybe not? Bernalwood has more on the back story. [Bernalwood]

FIDI - The Mission's popular Coffee Bar will be opening a second location downtown at 101 Montgomery Street. Mr. Espresso, a Strada espresso machine, Anthony's Cookies and pastries from Pâtisserie Philippe and Tell Tale will al be in the house. No word yet if people like Alex Marsh and Lauren Kiino will be popping up there too.

HEALDSBURG - The Wurst Restaurant, a sausage-centric eatery, will be opening on Matheson St. There will also be pommes frites, hand-scooped milk shakes and—the pièce de résistance—a beer garden, sprouting with local craft beers. Hop to Inside Scoop for more on the sourcing. This should open June 1. [ISSF]

BAYVIEW - A restaurant called El Rancho Bayview is going in at 1500 Wallace Ave. where a sheet metal place currently resides. [EaterWire]

INNER RICHMOND - The Yummy Stuff dessert "experience" we first mentioned in '09 should be opening around May 12th. Owner Lisa Lane strives to create a "safe place" where everyone with "food allergies, health concerns, dietary restrictions and food sensitivities" can enjoy dessert together. See the website to learn about what they need to get off the ground and how you can earn half-price desserts. [Tablehopper]

[Photo: Flickr/Shawn Perez]

The Original Soup Man

79 Jefferson Street, San Francisco, CA