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Gary Danko Sound Bites

Gary%20Danko%20Quotes.jpgThe Wall Street Journal has a great little interview with Gary Danko. G-Dank talks about the current trends: "In the '70s when kiwi fruit came on, all the chefs were putting it on everything, with meat. What happens with any sort of trend is after time passes, only 5% withstands the test of time." Then there are some rather polarizing sound bites: "there is more drive and artistic passion in New York. Cooks work 14 hours a day, it's high strung and they're open later. Here our cooks do 11 hours a day. Food is farm-fresher here, and New York likes imported things. There is better fish in New York, and meat sometimes." But he will give us this: "San Francisco's greatest contribution is the great little neighborhood mom-and-pops." [WSJ]