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Week in Reviews

Leopold%27sReview.jpgThe Untermachine drives through Klaus and Albert Rainer's Leopold's in Russian Hill, a new Austro-Italian restaurant that's "been mobbed" since the day it opened. She seems to enjoy the "cheerful hunting lodge-themed dining room" and dirndl-clad waitresses who "offer a lot more than decollotage." Chicken soup, house-cured salmon, pigs trotters, goulash and a "fabulous" choucroute platter are among the stand-outs. And the price is right: "I have never been able to consume more than $25 worth of food, no matter how much I try. No wonder people are yodeling at the door to get in." [Examiner]


2400 Polk Street, San Francisco, CA 94109 415 474 2000