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Week in Reviews

DasBauer.jpgDas Bauer, poor guy, endures "intense and unforgiving" sound levels at Leopold's for the sake of this past Sunday's review. "It's like a frat party brought to life," but once he breaks through the din, "not only is the food comforting and good, but the selection of beer is extensive and prices are exceptional." Bauer lists off a load of things he likes: the house-made charcuterie platter, a chicken soup that "shows there's a well-trained staff in back," and he even notes a nearby German diner says the goulash "tastes just like I was at home." The only disappointment (besides the noise) "came at dessert." Still Bauer deems Leopold's worthy of 2.5 stars overall. [Chron]


2400 Polk Street, San Francisco, CA 94109 415 474 2000