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"Puke In" Rallies Against La Cocina in the Park

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You may wish to avoid Dolores Park this Saturday from 2 p.m. onwards. The infamous John Rinaldi a.k.a. Chicken John is hosting a "puke in" to terrorize the anticipated new La Cocina trailer with Yucatecan street food vendor Chac Mool as its first occupant. "We are going to collectively lose our lunch on a trailer this weekend. I've hired a photographer to document it. To show other potential stores in the park what happens when you sell the park out. When you try to be an agent of Control. When you steamroll people," says Chicken. There's also a "puke in" Facebook page you can "Like" if you feel so inclined.

La Cocina has not yet confirmed the trailer will make its debut this weekend, so look out for an update on that. Founder Caleb Zigas says, “I will announce when we are ready to start when I am no longer scared for my client.” A hiccup has bubbled forth for the "puke-in" plans; Caleb Zigas confirms the first date of business for Chac Mool/La Cocina at Dolores Park will be next Saturday, April 30th. He adds, "SF loves this sort of controversy, but I want to put it out there we can be a vibrant, exciting part of the park. And we're going to be a great neighbor. We're excited to get started." More on that side of things here and here. Those who want to preview Chac Mool can visit them again at the Proxy this coming Saturday and Sunday at the same times as last weekend.

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[Photo: Partially taken from ISSF]

Dolores Park

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