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Syrah Says Goodbye in Santa Rosa, The Eagle Hangs On

Not exactly one of the happier moments of the day, it's time for the shutter. Here, our roundup of the latest spots to bid adieu.

Food porn at Showdogs. [Photo: Railroad Square]

SANTA ROSA - Josh Silvers' Railroad Square bistro, Syrah closed on Saturday with some fanfare. The plan is to reopen at Petite Syrah, serving small plates, early next month. [BiteClubEats]

SOMA - After some drama, the final day for storied gay bar The Eagle Tavern has technically been moved to the end of May, but they may stay open "all summer." [SFist]

ELSEWHERE - Following up on its earlier Chapter 11 filing and North Berkeley shutter, A.G. Ferrari has also closed its locations in Belmont, Palo Alto and Sunnyvale. The company says its now in a stronger position. [CoCo Times]

Syrah Bistro

205 Fifth Street, Santa Rosa, CA