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Mission Cheese Gets Boozy, Chipotle Expands, More!

THE MISSION - Well that was quick. Mission Cheese got its beer and wine license today, just a week after opening. Owner Sarah Dvorak tells us they'll have a limited bottle selection this evening. Tomorrow, they'll be ready to add Racer 5, Saison and Old Rasputin stout on tap. Eventually they hope to add one white wine on tap, six to eight different local bottled beers and a much larger selection of domestic wines by the bottle. [EaterWire]

EXPANSIONWIRE - Chipotle has applied for licenses at 1523 Sloat Blvd (the current site of Lakeshore's Pizza Hut) and at the gargantuan office tower at 50 California Street. The Mexican burrito chain already has three locations in San Francisco and now it shall have five. We feel a little closer to Nate Appleman already. Sigh. [EaterWire]

TENDERLOIN - The Tender goes to visit the newly done-up Saigon Sandwich digs and finds "overall the space hasn't changed that much," but: "there are more people helping make them [the sandwiches], thus speeding up the whole getting-the-sandwich-in-to-my-mouth process." [The Tender]

RIP - Jess Jackson, the man behind Kendall-Jackson née Jackson Family Wines, died today at 81 years of age. Inside Scoop has a nice retrospective on the man, how he turned Kendall-Jackson’s Vintner’s Reserve Chardonnay into an American icon, his expanded wine portfolio and his later interest in thoroughbred racing. [ISSF]

CRAZY-IN-A-GOOD-WAY - The Chron recently pointed out long time Finnegan's Wake bartender Bill Eichinger happens to be a food blogger, and he also happens to have eaten at his 400th Chinese restaurant in San Francisco last week. The Feast, bless them, has taken it one step further and asked Eichinger for his favorites. As you'll see, out of the 14 chosen, only two are in Chinatown. [Chron, The Feast]

Mission Cheese. [Photo: Eva Frye]

Mission Cheese

736 Valencia Street, San Francisco, CA