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Sniffing Out David Chang's Lucky Peach

The Feast got its hands on three pages of David Chang's upcoming Lucky Peach quarterly print journal and iPad app. The first issue, which you may pre-order now is all about ramen. So far, we have this teaser info from the publisher; and we gather there's an instant ramen taste test with Ruth Reichl, a comic from New York artist Matthew Volz, photos of ramen potato chips and "whimsical and overachieving New York Magazine-style graphics-meets-the-doodles-drawn-on-paper-tablecloths-at-kid-friendly restaurants." What else? Anthony Bourdain's snapshot of Chang's inspiration board has a mildly revelatory quote: "a journey all about finding, losing, and trying to preserve the sweet spot." But the real question is, how many F-bombs did McSweeny's let Chang put into this thing? The journal "officially" comes out on June 14 and hits app stores in May.

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