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Homestead Peanuts Buzz, Dumpster Diver Etiquette, More!

PRINT MEDIA - The Men's Health "Guy Food Guide" has bestowed unexpected recognition on some San Francisco food bits. Not only are Tropisueno's quesadillas called out as a favorite (thanks to their "cheesy, spicy, rich" flavors), but the Crazy Crab'z sandwich at the ballpark gets ink as do the peanuts at The Homestead because they're "nutty, salty, a bit sweet." Totally random, yes. But we'll take it! [Men's Health]

EDIBLE TRASH - Hey dumpster divers, you best mind your Ps and Qs, okay? Here, the rules. [Chow]

THE MARINA - In case you're wondering what it looks like inside Marina's umpteenth wine bar Pe Yale, GrubStreet got inside and snapped some photographs. [GrubStreet]

NOW OPEN - We thought you should know that Berkeley's brand new FA-LA-LA Falafel has chocolate falafel. It might just be worth singing about. That's all. [EaterWire]

[Photo: Eight Hour Day]

The Homestead

2301 Folsom Street, San Francisco, CA