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Eater's Burger Week Begins In Exactly Three Days

Ladies and gentlemen, Eater readers of all ages, please inch a little closer to the computer screen for a special announcement. Next week, we're going to go a little burger crazy here on Eater. And by little we mean a lot.

Please prepare for Burger Week.

There will be loads of burger related content, contests and, yes, prizes. Some very special friends of Eater will stop in; The Swill's Courtney Cochran will knock back a patty or three and one too many beers. Eater guest editrix Laura Beck will lead us through a bracing Veggie Burger Power Hour. There will be irreverent burger defacement and proportionate ground beef glorification. Additionally, we'll have a week-long slew of burger brackets to determine, once and for all, the best burger in San Francisco. That's where you come in. Please, by Sunday at noon, email with your nominations for the best burger in the city so the Eater Burger Task Force can consider them when crafting the final brackets. Stay tuned. This will be fun.

[Photo: Eater SF Flickr Pool/Pabo 76]