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The 14 Bay Area Restaurants With The Hottest Staff

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As the barrage of commentary on our initial Hottest Servers in the Bay Area post will tell you, the Bay Area restaurant scene is so hot right now. No we're not talking food porn or a maddening influx of new restaurants. We mean flesh and blood, living, breathing sexiness. Per popular vote and keen editorial conviction, we've done it. We've narrowed down the restaurants with the hottest people behind the aprons, bars and hostess stands of the Bay Area. Without further ado, your local best in front-of-house foxiness.

Moss%20Room%20Hotties.jpg14) Moss Room: There's a breath-taking bunch of fish tanks on exhibit here, but did you know the California Academy of Sciences' restaurant is swimming with beauties too? Not only is the staff attractive, but many are students, which means they've got the brains to back it up. Double hot.

Wexler%27s.jpg13) Wexler's: Sharply fedora-clad and smiley, the service here is "just as smoking as their short ribs," according to one of the many avid fans.

21st%20Amendment%20Hotness.jpg12) 21st Amendment Brewery: Here the badass brewers have good looks to boot. So hot, it made one patron fantasize about singing odes to Weezer in a haze of love.

Pizetta%20Hotness.jpg11) Pizzetta 211: The cooks serve, the servers cook, sometimes they switch sides. If you're lucky, a snappy dose of attitude at the door will get your pulse pumping even further. And if you've never seen a chick wield a knife before, let us spoil it for you: hot.

Absinthe%20Hotness.jpg10) Absinthe: When a hostess tells you—in a knee-buckling Brazilian accent—they have "hot lessies and gay guys" steaming up the dining room; and then you hear customers compliment the good-looking staff, it's obvious this contender makes the cut.

Woodhouse%20Fish%20Company.jpg9) Woodhouse Fish Company: The Market Street location is the Kristen Stewart of this here list. WFC makes the cut for its au natural staff who wear well-fitting t-shirts to work.

Asia%20SF%20Hotness.jpg8) AsiaSF: The gorgeous staff here bends genders with apparent ease and sexy catwalks that translate to much more jaw dropping than actual eating.

LA%20Mar%20Hotness.jpg7) La Mar: Here you'll find spicy Latin men and women and a "smattering of All-American" Tommy Hilfiger good looks.

Sons%20%26%20Daughters%20Hotness.jpg6) Sons & Daughters: In addition to smokin' hot chefs Teague Moriarity and Matt McNamara and a dose or three of recognition as a San Francisco trailblazer, Sons & Daughters has an inviting young staff that make its close quarters quite nice.

Mas%20Sake%20Hotness.jpg5) Mas Sake: A rare San Francisco haven of botox, boob-jobs and tanned buxom blondes, Mas Sake brings a slice of sweaty, buff SoCal to Lombard Street.

Blue%20Plate%20Hotness.jpg4) Blue Plate: This place in Bernal is like a cozy hipster den. On warm evenings the tatted-up female servers like to show a little skin.

Ubuntu%20Hotness.jpg3) Ubuntu: The staff at this Napa destination is freshly toned in the adjoining yoga studio. One reader sums it up perfectly: "petit, pretty young things with wicked tattoos and stylish, buff young men. Must be a veggie thing![sic]"

Heart%20Hotness.jpg2) Heart: Brooding owner Jeff Segal chose a pulsating organ as the logo for his Mission wine bar; he serves wine in Mason jars and describes them with guts. "More soul than Marvin Gaye. This wine just fucking sings," for example. Add in louche hipster servers and this wild card is not only steaming up the wine scene, but twisting it into bendy new positions.

Flour%20%2B%20Water%20Hotness.jpg1) Flour + Water: There's a beau in the back and the servers can wear whatever they fancy. Our reader favorite is a swarm of plaid-clad, hottie hospitality.

- Eva Frye

Sons & Daughters

Powell Street, , CA 94108 (415) 994-7933 Visit Website

La Mar

La Mar, Barrios Altos, Gobierno Regional de Lima