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Anthony Myint To Chef At Mission Bowling Club

Anthony Myint is adding one more restaurant to his existing family of Commonwealth and Mission Chinese Food: that 6-Lane bowling alley restaurant we told you about a bit ago. It'll be called Mission Bowling Club and our man Myint will be the mysterious chef teaming up with owners Sommer Peterson and Molly Bradshaw, who also own Mini Bar on Divis.

Other details from the fresh press release we've received include a large bar, a dining room with banquettes, a sun-kissed patio and a mezzanine overlooking the lane. You can sort of see where everything will go by revisiting this sketch handed on by Madame Hopper a bit ago. There will be additional bling too, like lane-side leather couches and covered bike parking. In expected-Myint fashion, there are plans to work with youth-serving nonprofits in the neighborhood as well. The Mini Bar ladies will curate a rotating roster of local art on the walls and the food will be "technique-driven comfort fare," including the Duc Loi Mission Burger of yore. The idea of a bowling alley in the Mission is novel enough; but one with destination-worthy food? Well, who knows what kind of madness this will unleash, or how easily the concept will fly. Look for this puppy to open in Spring of 2012.

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[Photo: Flickr]

Mission Bowling Club

3176 17th Street, San Francisco, CA