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Docs Readies For SF, Toasty Melts Cruises Out Sunday

Behold the latest from the mean streets, where the renegade world of Food Trucks plays out daily.

DocsTruck.jpgDOCS OF THE BAY: To begin with, since it's Burger Week, lets start by saying the burgers from Doc's Emeryville-based food truck are made with 100% organic Black angus beef combined with minced onions, then smashed on the grill Midwestern-style. Owner Zak Silverman is currently playing the waiting game on seven site-specific permits leading up to his San Francisco debut. Of course, there's pushback around some of his potential parking spots, especially in the Lower Haight. Silverman will be at The Page bar, endearing himself to the neighborhood, tomorrow night. Once he's done with the NIMBYs and the requisite hearings, he's hoping to have four sites in the financial district, one in the Lower Haight and two in the Mission. Until then, there are phantom appearances outside The Homestead (2301 Folsom Street). For Doc's latest, the twitter. [EaterWire, Haigheration]

ToastyTruck.jpgTOASTY MELTS: Many have sampled the wares of Toasty Melts at the underground happenings of San Francisco. According to Thrillist, they're ready to go legit this Sunday with this bright red truck you see here. Expect all kinds of grilled cheese, including one made with Papalote salsa. Obviously there's a soup too, for dipping and such. Follow @Toastymelts for times and locations. [Thrillist]

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