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An Update From Bar Tartine On Its Impending Expansion

We've got a little more clarity on what's in store over the next few months in Bar Tartine land. When the restaurant reopens on Monday after this week's closure, one of the former walls will be missing, so diners will be able to see the adjoining future sandwich shop next door. Artist Jesse Schlesinger (who also happens to be a Dirty Girl Produce farmer) will have begun work on the interior, although no one's totally sure exactly how much headway will be made over the next few days. For the remainder of spring and summer, the menu at Bar Tartine and the interior redesign of both the conjoined spaces will continue to evolve. There will be a big reveal on the new Bar Tartine 2.0 in September, at which time pretty much everything should be done. Now for those who want an insidery breakdown of exactly what's happening and when, check out our month-by-month timeline after the hop.

May: Owner/bread guru Chad Robertson will go to Denmark for some more research on ancient grains. Schlesinger will dig into the design of Tartine's sandwich shop, creating a "rough-hewn aesthetic." Local ceramicists Robbie Abrahams and Gary Holt will begin work on new custom plate ware.

June: Chef Nick Balla will unveil a new menu format, focusing on smaller shared plates. He'll continue to work and tweak things for the remainder of summer.

July: Chad Robertson's new bread oven will arrive from Europe.

August: Balla will travel to Hungary for a few weeks of research.

September: The interior remodel will be complete. The adjoining sandwich shop will be open. There will be a fancy media/industry party. From this point onward, Bar Tartine's dining room will be used as seating during the day for the sandwich shop, and vice versa.

**Robertson has also given us a little something to chew on with regards to the style of sandwiches that will be served. Many of them will come on Northern European-style slab loaves, split down the middle and stuffed with toppings, then served open face. We told you a little bit about the new bread direction in January. Keep in mind, many of these breads will be easier for those with gluten intolerance to digest. The sandwich shop will have a retail section for many of these breads along with Balla's pickled vegetables and housemade preserves and spice blends.

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Bar Tartine

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