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Herbivore's Homemade Patties!

Photo: Flickr/kalavinka

veggie-burger-power-hour-120.jpgHerbivore is known to be hit or miss. Their shawarmas, salads, and sandwiches are completely solid, but if you order anything even slightly "ethinic" sounding, you are screwed. And word to the wise, their mac and cheese is the FUNK. Seriously, I beg of them, take it off the menu. Hand to God, I saw someone choke on it and then throw-up.

However, their homemade veggie patty is quite delicious. Added bonus: cholesterol-free means it won't murder you with a heart-attack. So you'll be lookin' good and feelin' better! Haters to the left!


531 Divisadero Street San Francisco, CA