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Josh Skenes' Irish Car Bombs, Top Chef Viewing Party, More

HANGOVER OBSERVATIONS - According to Food & Wine's Kate Krader, there was an Irish car bomb drinking contest at the Best New Chefs after-after-party last night at Fitzpatricks bar in New York. And you better believe Josh Skenes was representing! No word yet as to who won the contest, although Krader admits she finished last. [Food & Wine]

TOP CHEFFAGE - Starting at 8 p.m. tonight, Public House is hosting a Top Chef Masters viewing party to cheer on local contestant chef Traci Des Jardins. All proceeds from the featured appetizer plate and three tequila cocktails will benefit La Cocina. [7x7]

PACIFIC HEIGHTS - After some March Madness-related promotional stuff, Fillmore Street's Long Bar will begin a brief hiatus as planned on Sunday. After a cosmetic makeover, the bar and restaurant will reopen in a few weeks with a new name. [ISSF]

THE SHUTTER - Hayes Valley's mediocre Mexican spot Marino appears to be on the way out. A "booze-and-books" concept called Two Sisters Bar and Books is moving in. [GrubStreet]

BERNAL HEIGHTS - Non-Breaking: Todd Lappin of Bernalwood braves the habitually empty Caffe Cozzolino and finds a marked lack of inspiration in both the spaghetti and meatballs and the pizza. The Caffe's endurance at the huge corner space at 300 Precita Avenue remains a mystery. [Bernalwood]

[Photo: F&W]